The weekend is finally here! If you're looking for fun, entertaining and educational things to do, you've come to the right place. Our weekend guide is packed with a variety of our favorite events that we want to share with you! Have a great weekend!

1. Awe-Stem Saturday At The Sandbox

When:   January 12, 2019
Where:   The Sandbox Children's Museum
                     18 Pope Ave, Hilton Head Island SC 29928

On the second Saturday of the month, come bring the kids and join us for so much fun with science,  math technology and others, all at the SandBox, second Saturday from 3pm to 4pm. This will be a fun active afternoon for the kids so come early.

2. Salted Meditation & Breathing

When:   January 12, 2019
Where:   Hilton Head Island

Looking for a place to relax your senses, to find your rhythm and release the unwanted toxins in your body? Then come and join a Salted Meditation & Breathing session at the Pure Salt Studios!

3. Chunky Knit Blanket Workshop *Limited Seats*

When:   January 12, 2019
Where:   1000 William Hilton Parkway, Hilton Head Island SC 29928

For those who love staying longer in bed, cuddling all their pillows and blankets, here's a workshop you would definitely love to join as you will be making something that will be perfect for the bed! And that is a Chunky Chenille Yarn Blanket! Do some warm ups and get ready for A 40" X 50" chunky blanket that you will do by yourself at the AR Workshop Hilton head.

4. 2nd Chance NYE Party With Cranford

When:   January 12, 2019
Where:   Skull Creek Dockside Restaurant
                         2 Hudson Road, Hilton Head Island SC 29926

2 weeks in the New Year but still here comes a second chance for all who asks for it, who needs it or simply just couldn't get enough of the NYE Feels! On January 12, come to the Marker 8 Stage for the second chance to celebrate NYE and kick off the New Year! The live vibe, drinks, food, performances will be a blast just like it's the actual NYE!

5. The Headliners

When:   January 12, 2019
Where:   Reilley's Plaza (South)
                      Hilton Head Island, SC

Come to the Reilley's Plaza and join The Headliners for one of their first shows for the year! This band could almost go for a show every day headlining most events. They truly stay in demand so here's the start for another year full of Mark Husbands, George Slone, Steve White, Billy Howe and Larry Perigo.

6. 6th Annual Chowder Challenge

When:   January 12, 2019
Where:   Reilley's Plaza

Admission for the event is $5 and kids who are 12 and under are free to come in. Each ticket also includes one tasting ticket. To get more tasting tickets, you can purchase it for $1. There will also be a silent auction and live band performance. Proceeds gathered will benefit The Heather Trew Foundation in Reilley’s Plaza.

7. Chocolate Bhakti Flow With Vicki Rickard And Candace Blair

When:   January 12, 2019
Where:   Hilton Head Island: 1032 William Hilton Parkway
                    Bluffton: 3 Godfrey Place

Be part of Bluffton's very first Chocolate Bhakti Flow! Start the activity with good warm seasonal blend of ceremonial cacao! And to guide you in this will be Vicki Richard and Candace Blair.

8. 2019 Golden Oyster Awards

When:   January 12, 2019
Where:   1300 Fording Island Rd, Bluffton SC 29910

Everyone is invited! So if you wish to join the fun and have an elegant evening, get your gowns or suits ready for the big night! Awarding ceremony, food, drinks and a whole lot more awaits. Tag along a friend or family.

9. SOBA Opening Art Exhibition Opening Reception

When:   January 13, 2019
Where:   SOBA Art Gallery in Old Town Bluffton
                    6 Church St, Bluffton SC 29910

Come to the Soba Art Gallery in Old Town Bluffton to catch ceramics, drawings, paintings, photography and computer designs from three students namely Catherine McClean, Gabriel Morales and Nathalia Roca. See their personality and perspective in things through their works.


When:   January 13, 2019
Where:   The Jazz Corner
                     1000 William Hilton Pkwy, Hilton Head Island SC 29928

Have a jazzful Sunday with the Deas Guyz at the Jazz Corner . Take this chance to sit back and relax. Enjoy the sound they got to offer, the sound they are known for, the unique and beautiful mix of old motown, rhythm and blues, pop, rock, reggae and some beats. See you all there!

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