The weekend is finally here! If you're looking for fun, entertaining and educational things to do, you've come to the right place. Our weekend guide is packed with a variety of our favorite events that we want to share with you! Have a great weekend!

1. Good-Bye 2018 At Elan

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   ELAN Savannah
                      301 Williamson Street, Savannah GA 31401

Finally got to breathe after the stressful Christmas rush? Well hang on there fellas 'cause it's about time for another greatly insane week of rush and fun! A lot have happened this year so let's make every bit that is left a blast! Party with everyone else at the Elan on Saturday, December 29th and say goodbye to 2018!

2. No More Silence Black And Purple Gala

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   11111 Abercorn St
                    11111 Abercorn Street, Savannah GA 31419

Come and enjoy a wonderful evening at the Carey Hillards Banquet Hall as the Black and Purple Gala takes place. No more silence Domestic Violence, that's what this event aims. Stop the violence and support the victims and those suffering from low self-esteem. Proceeds gathered in this event will benefit the organization.

3. CC Witt Music

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   Edgar’s Proof & Provision, Savannah GA

Come join CC Witt at the Edgars Proof and Provision in Savannah GA as she gives you a great performance of Country music! CC Witt is a singer, songwriter and is a local of Savannah GA. So fellow Savannah residents, come and show some support for CC Witt and you surely won't regret.

4. High Spirits Haunted Pub Crawl 

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   Green Fire Pizza, Wood Fired Neapolitan Pizza
                     236 Drayton Street, Savannah GA

Up for some extreme adventure? If you are 21 and over, come join a Pub Crawl experience you will never forget! Get ready for some goosebumps as we go to historic pubs that are said to have spirits living in them. This will be more fun if you tag along someone you know with you. And for more information, contact Jessica at (912) 844-4950 or at [email protected],

5. Beyond The Vision Board Party 2019 Savannah

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   Butler Presbyterian Church
                   603 West Victory Drive, Savannah GA 31405

No one succeeds with what they want without setting a goal and making a plan to achieve their goal. So if you think you got the dream, the guts, and the determination, come join the Beyond the Vision Board Party 2019! Set your goal, aim for your goal, then learn and get tips on how you will reach your dreams!

6. Promo Godfather Birthday Bash With A Live Performance From S.C.

When:   December 30, 2018
Where:   West 41st Street, Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent Historic District  
                       Savannah GA 31415

Hey party people! Get dressed and ready for a night of what you love! Partying! Come enjoy the promo Godfather birthday bash with a live performance from S.C. So much to catch in this event from the food, the drinks, the entertainment, etc! Plus this will be free all night! So don't miss out!

7. Our Prince Of Scribes At E. Shaver Bookseller

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   E. Shaver Bookseller – Savannah, GA

Come to the E. Shaver Bookseller Savannah, GA and get your copy of Our Prince of Scribes. Also, get them signed by the creator themselves, Nicole Seitz and Pat Conroy Literary Center executive director Jonathan Haupt. You won't just have a new great book but you will also help a great cause as the proceeds gathered from the sales of the book will benefit the missions for education of the nonprofit Conroy Center.

8. Front Porch Improv: Improv Inferno's Countdown To 2019

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   Front Porch Improv
                    2222 Bull Street, Savannah GA 31404

Need some time to unwind  in between the holiday season? Then don't worry as the Front Porch Improv has it all covered! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Leave all the entertainment to them as they offer you an unscripted comedy show that will definitely make you crack a laugh!

9. The Accomplices At Service Brewing

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   Service Brewing Co.
                       574 Indian Street, Savannah GA 31401

Get ready for a night of some rock and roll at the Service Brewing Co. as the Accomplices performs for you! So enjoy the night with fiddle player Colleen Heine, bass player Zack Smith, songwriter and guitarist Matt Eckstine, and drummer Stan Ray. And again, the Service Brewing gives you the Accomplices.

10. New Year's Resolution - New Year's Themed Charity Bar Crawl

When:   December 29, 2018
Where:   Stafford's Public House
                    306 West Upper Factors Walk, Savannah GA 31401

Probably the last crawl of the year so don't miss out on the fun that awaits as the New Year's Resolution ~ New Year's Themed Charity Bar Crawl takes place! And as always after the fun bar crawl, be a part and enjoy the after party! So why look somewhere else when Savannah has it all for you!

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