The month is about to end so let's celebrate this last weekend of May with a bang! Here's the list of events that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Have a great one!

1. Trunk Show: Bleu Belle Bridal

When: May 26, 2018
Where: BleuBelle, 5500 Abercorn St, Ste 42, Savannah

Stressed out searching for the perfect dream wedding gown? Is it the only thing you haven't checked out on your wedding list? Spare yourself of the hassle and just come to BleuBelle's Bridal Trunk Show happening this Saturday.  Take a look around and you might just find that gown you have been searching for!

2. COBRA Kid's Mini-Camp

When: May 26, 2018
Where: COBRA Training Center, 54 W. Montgomery Crossroads #3, Savannah

Cant help but be worried about your child's activities on the street? Come and register your child or children for this COBRA Kid's Mini Camp. In this kid's minicamp, your kids will be taught and trained to be more independent, sharp in sensing "stranger danger", self-defense and everything they must learn to keep themselves safe. Its an investment worth making. 

3. Monthly Chalktivism

When: May 27, 2018
Where: Forsyth Park, 2 East Bay Street, Savannah

Chalktivism helps our animal friends relay their thoughts to us as they can't talk on their own. Head to The Bean first for some Breakfast with everyone else before you go. It will help you get all pumped up to get ready for some chalk adventure spreading messages for the animals in our world.

4. Live Music at The Fitzroy

When: May 27, 2018
Where: The Fitzroy, 9 Drayton Street, Savannah

A special Roast and some good live music await you at The Fitzroy on Sunday. It is going to be a fun-filled afternoon till evening event. Have a taste from some yummy Roast and enjoy the live performances. 


When: May 26, 2018
Where: Woodville Community, 129 Darling St, Savannah

Summer is just a few days away so let's get started with the summer fun! Get all wet and enjoy with the whole family through this  School's Out Water Day Cookout at the Woodville Community! This is a free event so just come and enjoy plus you might be going home with a bag of prizes and giveaways! So don't miss this!

6. LIT Glow Party: Savannah's Largest Glow Event 

When: May 26, 2018
Where: Elan Savannah, 301 Williamson Street, Savannah

Join the greatest and most unforgettable party you will ever attend. Feel the vibe, the lights, the art and every single thing from this party. A party ain't that fun without some company, so bring your friends along!

7. Candle Class at Coastal Empire Beer Co

When: May 26, 2018
Where: Coastal Empire Beer Co.,  79 Ross Rd, Savannah

Have fun while you learn how to make your own scented candle. There will be more activities in line for you and there'd be games prizes. All these will be held at the Coastal  Empire Beer Co. There will be drinks especially for you straight from the bar.

8. FREE HIGH Fitness Class!

When: May 26, 2018
Where: Life Moves Dance Studio, 11260 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill

Give yourself a healthy and healthier lifestyle then get so high in a newly improved aerobic exercise together while listening to your favorite songs! This fitness class is free so don't miss out.

9. Kid's Baking Class - Cheeseburger Cupcakes & Cookie French Fries

When: May 27, 2018
Where: The Cake Mix Rincon

Have your kids ready for another weekend of baking yummy treats! Every class is different. This May 27th, your child will be enjoying a class of baking some CheeseBurger Cupcakes. Burgers won't be complete without fries so aside from CheeseBurger Cupcakes they will also make cookie french fries! So have your little bakers get ready for this afternoon of yummy overload.

10. The Crawl of the South ~The South's LARGEST Bar Crawl

When: May 26, 2018
Where: Congress Street Social Club, 411 West Congress Street, Savannah

For the past 2 years Savannah has tried to get into the Guinness World Record for the largest bar crawl, tho, unfortunately, didn't get the goal. So this year Savannah Bar Crawl will be putting that Goal aside and focus on making this crawl a fun event! After all, that's the Real Goal. Come have fun, get your scorecards, crawl to bars, complete the crawl and have more fun at the after party!