The weekend is finally here! If you're looking for fun, entertaining and educational things to do, you've come to the right place. Our weekend guide is packed with a variety of our favorite events that we want to share with you! Have a great weekend! 

1. Statts Fest 

When:   September 29, 2018
Where:   The Rail Pub and The Jinx in downtown Savannah

This 10th annual Statts Fest is organized for the benefit of Jason Statts who survived an armed robbery in 2008 where he was shot through the neck and spinal cord that resulted to paralysis. Come and enjoy this event with a cause and celebrate Jason's road to recovery despite the limited movement of his arms and hands. Choose from 2 venues, The Rail Pub or The Jinx in Downtown Savannah. Tag along your friends and have a blast!

2. Walk To End Alzheimer's Savannah 

When:   September 29, 2018
Where:   Ellis Square at Barnard Street, Savannah GA

Come as an individual, in a team or as a team captain. Help spread awareness and raise funds in support for various research on how to end Alzheimer's disease. There's definitely a lot to learn from this 2-mile walk so don't forget to invite a friend and sign up now!

3. Frame Loom Weaving With Jennifer Moss  

When:   September 29, 2018
Where:   Sulfur Studios

Don't miss this fun class of Frame Loom Weaving with Jennifer Moss, happening on September 29, 10 am to 4 pm. Bring out your creative side, learn new things, and make new friends! Cost is $65 which includes materials. Just be there and enjoy the day.

4. Low Light Photography Class  

When:   September 29, 2018
Where:   Jekyll Island, Savannah GA

Be a pro in this low light photography class where you can learn how to capture the beautiful night sky and surpass the "Expectations" versus "Reality" feels.  The class is all about teaching the techniques of night photography and the concepts of light painting. 

5. Medal Ball Gala

When:   September 29, 2018
Where:   Knights of Columbus Council 631
                  3 West Liberty Street, Savannah GA 31401

Enjoy a buffet dinner and a night of elegance at this ballroom event at the Knights of Columbus Council. Other highlights include awarding ceremonies and shows. It's open to the public and requires purchasing tickets in advance.

6. The 400th Party At Elan 

When:   September 29, 2018
Where:   ELAN Savannah
                  301 Williamson Street, Savannah GA 31401

Party people, rejoice! Elan is hosting its 400th party and this year, expect the unexpected as it brings you a big night that is yet to unfold. Enjoy the best drinks in the house and simply have the greatest time of your life. Get your tickets now at

7. Jazz Festival At Forsyth Park  

When:  September 29, 2018
Where:  Forsyth Park, Drayton Street, Savannah GA

Give yourself a good relaxing treat at the Jazz Festival that's happening on September 29. Just sit back, chill, listen and enjoy the relaxing music as it fills the air. You can come with family, friends or on your own. Don't forget to bring some chairs, blankets, food and drinks. 

8. Savannah Out Of The Darkness Community Walk  

When:   September 30, 2018
Where:   Lake Mayer Park

Come and be part of this great walk that aims to spread awareness, show love and support, and change someone's life. As you walk, remember those who are fighting depression, those families in grief, and the survivors. Help raise funds to support the suicide prevention programs. Register today and make a difference!

9. Beer And Yoga 

When:   September 29, 2018
Where:   Service Brewing Company
                   574 Indian St., Savannah GA 31401

Regain your balance and your inner peace as the Service Brewing Company brings you a double treat of Beer and Yoga! Joining this event's yoga class is none other than Karrie Comeau. Save the date and make this last Saturday of the month a well-deserved break.

10. One Team Scavenger Hunt Adventure: Savannah 

When:   September 29, 2018
Where:   Recommended Parking to Begin Adventure
100 East Bryan Street, Savannah GA 31401

Looking for some fun and exciting adventure? Come and join this fun one-team scavenger hunt adventure on September 29 that promises to bring the same excitement brought by The Amazing Race. Come prepared and remember to tag along some friends for an ultimate adventure experience!  

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