Spring is here! It’s time for picnics in the park, baseball, and open houses! The weather's getting warmer, and the real estate market is heating up as we course through Spring.

Based on historical real estate data, Spring has always been the most awaited time for buyers and sellers. It’s the best time to put your house on the market and with the buyers actively looking - the real estate  demand is comparatively higher as opposed to the winter or summer market. The warm weather also makes home buyers want to go out more and visit properties for sale they like. The spring market has paved the way for open house season and it’s definitely  in full swing!

But how do you prepare for an Open House in Spring time?

Before putting up the “For Sale” sign in the yard. Be sure to take the time to check each and every room in the house. Don’t miss the basement, the garage, and the attic, too. Check for grime and clutter and see if there are any repairs that need to be done around the house. Take note of the things that you can throw away, recycle or store. It would also be a great idea to rent a storage facility where you can keep some of your personal effects while staging open houses.

Start with a thorough spring cleaning. Dusting and wiping walls and ceilings in the living room is a good start as this is usually the first part of the house that potential buyers will see. Use a vacuum to remove hard to reach dust. Do not forget the shelves and books or any surface area in the room. 

The kitchen and the bathroom can usually be the most challenging part to clean. Tackle stubborn surface grime with a good solvent - free degreaser. Try to avoid heavily scented cleaning products as the scent usually lingers. Reseal grout lines in the bathroom or countertops, the cement-based material between tiles stains easily. Protect it by applying a grout sealer using a small brush.

Image Source: www.rd.com

Clean windows and doors. Brush and polish metal casings for the windows. Be sure to clean the window screens by using warm water and a mild dishwashing liquid, brush gently and rinse thoroughly. Let the screens dry outside before putting it back in. Polish metal casings of doors or windows by using liquid polish or wax. Don't forget to wash or change curtains and draperies for the open house.

Check on home furniture or clean upholstered furniture by taking the cushions out and dusting them. Move the furniture around and be sure to vacuum underneath them. Wax wooden furniture by using specially designed cleaning products for these type. 

Don't leave out the bedroom and ensure that it is clutter free for the open house. Keep personal items away by the bedside table or the dresser. Change linens, beddings, and pillowcases. Use essential oils for good measure. 

Image Source: housewifehowtos.com

Lastly, the front yard is the next thing that buyers will want to see. Take advantage of the perfect weather to prune and trim your greens. Plant flowers or place potted plants on the porch to welcome them in. And no matter what air freshener you and use, there's nothing better than the fresh scent of flowers to greet your guests.

Good luck with your Open House!

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