Summertime...that time of the year when the kids are home and boredom is generally high for lack of things to do other than watch TV, play video games, surf the internet, or chat with their friends. The sweltering heat usually makes for lazy days and the today-I-don't-feel-like-doing-anything vibe but whatever age we are at, there is still this irresistible pull, a kind of wanderlust associated with summer. 

Whether you live in the area or just visiting, there is a huge chance that you are wondering what is available that could pique the children's interests and wean them off of their gadgets for a day, or two, or even a month (ha!) and we've made sure that you'll have it easy by making this list for you! Enjoy!

Image Source: Park Beaufort

1. Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

Address: Bay Street, Beaufort SC

Phone Number: +1 843-525-7011


Rating: 5 stars (830 reviews on TripAdvisor)

Review: "This Waterfront Park sets Beaufort apart from many waterfront towns. It is absolutely lovely with outstanding landscaping that shows off some of the best features of Beaufort. It offers places to sit and enjoy the scenery, to watch the boats and waterfowl, to take a walk or run, or to enjoy a swing in a lovely setting. We have enjoyed the park during the day and in the evenings. There is a parking adjacent for autos and tour buses. The waterfront park presents water views and is just steps to the main shopping and tourist part of town." -  Reviewed 4 days ago via TripAdvisor

Image Source: Hunting Island

2. Hunting Island State Park

Address: 1775 Sea Island Parkway, St. Helena, Beaufort SC

Phone Number: +1 843-838-2011


Rating: 4.5 stars (1,702 reviews on TripAdvisor)

Review: "One of the most scenic, least crowded beaches in the southeast, Hunting Island is one of our favorites. We drove out from Beaufort at sunrise on successive is THAT spectacular. Pelicans, dolphins, gulls, shrimp boats are all a part of the show..." - Reviewed 2 days ago via TripAdvisor

Image Source: May River Excursions

3. May River Dolphin Tours

Address: 1255 May River Road, Bluffton SC

Phone Number: +1 843-757-2295


Rating: 5 stars (3 reviews via TripAdvisor)

Review: "Great dolphin cruise! Private tour. Kid friendly! We saw several dolphins. Able to witness dolphins feeding. Captain Chris was very nice and shared great information about the area. Would take this trip again!" - Reviewed via TripAdvisor

Image Source: Ignite the Senses Gym

4. Ignite the Senses Children's Gym

Address: 163 Bluffton Road, Suite C1, Bluffton SC

Phone Number: +1 843-757-0179


Rating: 5 stars (1 review via TripAdvisor)

Review: "This place was amazing!!! My 8 and 3 year olds had a blast. It was clean, organized, and had friendly staff. The price is well worth the activities they have to offer. There's something for everyone. Very interesting place, I wish there were more like it around. Will totally be bringing my boys back here. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!" - Reviewed via TripAdvisor

Image Source: Pirate's Island Golf

5. Pirate's Island Golf

Address: 8 Marina Side Drive, Hilton Head SC

Phone Number: +1 843-686-4001


Rating: 4.5 stars (1,005 reviews via TripAdvisor)

Review: "We loved our visit to Pirates Cove. We played the challenge course and it was hard enough to keep an adult entertained but not too hard for kids. The folks inside at the counter were so fun and entertaining-- they really added to the joy of the experience. We loved that each hole had a bench and a little bit of pirate history to read about since this place is always crowded and we had to wait on the people in front of us. There was cooling water everywhere which helped with the midday heat. They had to use some kind of mosquito treatment too, because in 1.5 hours, none of us got a single bite. Highly recommend!" - Reviewed 3 days ago via TripAdvisor

Image Source: The Sandbox

6. The Sandbox Interactive Children's Museum

Address: 18 Pope Avenue, Suite A, Hilton Head SC

Phone Number: +1 843-842-7645


Rating: 4.5 stars (159 reviews via TripAdvisor)

Review: "Took my 5 year old here one afternoon when I was tired of going to the pool. The museum is small and quaint and had so many things to keep him entertained. He asked me to go back several times. Will make this a must do on our next trip." - Reviewed 4 weeks ago via TripAdvisor

Image Source: Palmetto Dunes

7. Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort® Family Fun

Address: 4 Queens Folly Road, Hilton Head, SC

Phone Number: +1 844-286-8963


Rating: 4.5 stars (147 reviews via TripAdvisor)

Review: "Beach, golf, tennis, bike and walking paths, a variety of restaurants within the plantation and a nice variety of accommodations from which to choose...this place has it all. We have been coming here since 1984 and it never disappoints. You can walk as far as you want on the beach in either direction. Great for families or couples. Very convenient to everything else on the island. Wouldn't want to stay anywhere else in Hilton Head." - Reviewed 1 week ago via TripAdvisor

Image Source: Coastal Discovery Museum

8. Coastal Discovery Museum

Address: 70 Honey Horn Drive, Hilton Head SC

Phone Number: +1 843-689-6767


Rating: 4.5 stars (818 reviews via TripAdvisor)

Review: "We visited the museum just by chance because we were in the area. I'm so glad we did, the exhibits were great with lots to see. My 6 year old daughter had a great time going through the outdoor butterfly exhibit. We saw carnivorous plants, a sea shell ring, learned about local wildlife and saw some beautiful trees all over the grounds. We are from Arizona so we don't have trees like this back home. I highly recommend the museum." - Reviewed 2 weeks ago via TripAdvisor

Image Source: Sea Pines

9. Gregg Russel Harbour Town Playground

Address: 140 Lighthouse Road, Hilton Head SC

Phone Number: +1 843-785-3333


Rating: 5 stars (45 reviews via TripAdvisor)

Review: "Started taking my children to the original park over 30y ago and continue to this day where it is appropriately named for Greg Russell. Now, it's my grandchildren's go to spot. Pretty near perfect for up to 10yo. Parents and grandparents get in the act supervising, but you can let your slightly older children run free. The younger children want you near to help explore, push swings, and PLAY not fettered by video screens (though you will certainly want pictures and video yourself).

Greg's evening concert will not disappoint, though a couple of his jokes about grandparents are a little stale and not reflective of those on vacation at his show (think really geriatric. But, I can't complain. My grandchildren laugh, my children laugh, and I do too. My 33yo child remembers dressing up for a Greg Russell concert and singing on stage when she was about 6. Greg's song, An American Child, is a patriotic homage to the good fortune (compared to the rest of the world) that the innocent children listening to his music have inherited from their parents. No matter what your political leanings, it feels pretty good and makes you appreciate your vacation life." - Reviewed 3 weeks ago via TripAdvisor

Image Source: Lawton Stables

10. Lawton Stables

Address: 190 Greenwood Drive, Hilton Head SC

Phone Number: +1 843-671-2586


Rating: 4.5 stars (381 reviews via TripAdvisor)

Review: "What a great way to spend time with the younger ones in the family. The petting area has farm animals the kids dont see often and the pony rides kept everyone happy. There is a nice place to sit and wait while the kids ride. The little gift shop that sells Is adorable and sells souvenirs in addition to snacks and drinks. The kids loved feeding the animals including the horses. There are trail rides for the adults, which we didn't do this time but would like to try when the kids get a bit older. The day we went was slightly cloudy so the temps were perfect. I would recommend anyone spend some time here. The property is Well maintained area and the animals are obviously well cared for." - Reviewed 1 week ago via TripAdvisor